Support & Service

Finding a supply of rugged tablets has become very simple nowadays. For almost all price ranges, you can find performing products, which can meet the budget and technical needs of a rugged solution. However, what is still difficult to find is after sales care, which transforms the investment made into real additional value. Stonex is here to increase this value, relying on Stonex means having rugged devices available, that are not only robust because they were built this way but are resistant because, as additional ‘feature’ to them, there is an important, reliable company that can be easily contacted and available to the end user.

Thanks to Stonex you can take advantage of a technical support department, available online and by phone, in Italian and English. Free and ready to help the end users, answer questions, optimize the use and application of the devices. Despite the reliability and resistance of rugged solutions, we know that damage happens and, in this case, Stonex gives its best. Repairs are carried out in our HQ in Italy-Milan, we try to be as fast as possible and to facilitate customers who have devices out of warranty.

Each device under repair involves costs in terms of delays or suspended works, Stonex is sensitive to this problem and actively contributes to reduce costs related to this. Stonex is an inclusive company, if you are small in size and you need a small supply, you can take advantage of all the advantages of having the technical support and repair service of a large and structured company.

You want to become a partner, even for you the advantages can be considerable, being able to take advantage of the services that Stonex offers, you will not have to activate other channels to guarantee a good after sales service to your customers.