UT56 Rugged Tablet

Enjoyable look and great reliability | 10.1″ Android Rugged Tablet

UT56 is a new Android device, it is the perfect balance between modern OS, visibility and durability. It is built for those who need a light and manageable device but also need a large display.

The design and compactness enhance the simple and modern aesthetic appearance, but its resistance makes it suitable for working in difficult conditions and to withstand extreme tasks. UT56 will work with style and strength!

The UT56 is a tablet designed for those who need reliable performance and great resistance, it has an IP67 protection against dust and water, it can withstand drops from 1.2m on hard surfaces such as marble and can work at high or below zero temperatures. Its design is very simple, slim and modern, despite the rubber protections. This device is ideal for carrying out demanding tasks, but it has an appearance similar to a leisure tool. The high resolution of the screen and the size of 10 inches make it very comfortable and suitable for carrying out jobs where visibility is essential.

UT56 is very light, with only 750g, it is a great balance between size and comfort. It is equipped with the Android 10 operating system, has an 8-core MediaTek processor that reaches a speed of 2.3 GHz and 4GB of RAM, guarantees good performance in numerous fields of application. The 64GB storage memory can be expanded up to 256GB, thanks to the microSD slot.

UT56 is equipped with a USB Type C port which is also OTG, it also has a 7 pin POGO and a 3.5mm audio jack. This device also has two cameras, the one on the back with 13MP, and a slot for nano SIM cards.

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Accessories present in the box together with the device:

Power charger with adapters (American/Australian/European/British)


OPTIONAL - can be purchased separately

• Hand strap

• Cradle