UT32 Rugged Tablet

Everlasting performances | 8.0” Android Rugged Tablet

UT32 is a convenient Android 10 tablet, it is thin but resistant, the best choice when visibility is the main key, but the size needs to be limited.

This device is midway, neither small nor large, and this feature is among the most appreciated by users of rugged tablets. It is built to be durable, reliable and to excel in numerous fields of application.

With UT32 you will not be disappointed!

The UT32 is a truly solid tablet and can work in rough conditions, the screen has a comfortable size, 8 inches, is sunlight readable and has a full-view angle. These features make the UT32 tablet a comfortable work companion, also excellent to operate with elaborate applications that require a large ​​visibility.

This tablet can work for a long time without being recharged, thanks to the removable lithium-ion 8200mAh battery; in addition, charging times are speeded up thanks to the charger provided, Qualcomm QC 3.0.

The input/output ports are designed to create a full-scale tablet, at an affordable price; it is equipped with a USB type C, a 14-pin POGO expansion and an external connector for GNSS antenna.

When the work done requires storing data, this device does not disappoint, the default storage memory is 64GB and it can be extended up to 256GB thanks to the microSD slot.

The wireless connectivity is also extensive, it has a slot for a nano SIM card, a Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, an NFC transmission, and a Bluetooth v.4.2.

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Accessories present in the box together with the device supplied with battery:

Battery charger with adapters (American/Australian/European/British), USB cable


OPTIONAL - can be purchased separately:

  • Handstrap
  • Battery charger
  • Pole bracket
  • Screen protector









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