UT50 Rugged Tablet

All-inclusive power | 10.1” Full Rugged Tablet

UT50 is an advanced Windows tablet, this is a tablet chosen by those who do not accept compromises, need to have power, high standards of performances and quality.

The device is perfect to be mounted on vehicles or to work partly on desks and partly on the move. It is chosen by users who need to process and store many data and need to have a visible and comfortable dimension. With UT50 you will exceed expectations!

UT50 is a tablet with an Intel i5 processor and a CPU speed that reaches 2.8GHZ, provides good performances, guaranteed by the presence of 8GB RAM. This tablet ensures users excellent visibility with a brightness of 800 nits, that enriches the sunlight readable and anti-glare screen. It is ideal for working in bright and outdoor environments but also in environments where visibility is reduced, thanks to the 10.1-inch display size, it can be used effortlessly.

The device is used by workers who carry out continuous tasks, often far from recharging sources, thanks to the double housing for hot-swappable batteries, it allows non-stop operations. The input/output ports make it suitable for numerous jobs in different fields of application. It has two classic USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, it has two 35-pin and 12-pin POGO, an HDMI type A, a LAN connection, an external GNSS antenna connector and a fingerprint scanner.

The UT50 is extremely robust, IP68, with military certifications MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F, and it can withstand impacts from 1.5mt (4.9ft), this makes it excellent in environmental situations that involve dust, splashes of water or wear and impacts. Due to its characteristics, this device is ideal for carrying out operations that require complete wireless connectivity, in fact, in addition to wi-fi, it is equipped with a modem and the possibility of inserting a nano SIM; it supports the NFC communication protocol with proximity cards type ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693, MIFARE and Felica.

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the batteries in the image may have been replaced with a different model

Accessories present in the box together with the device supplied with 2 batteries:

Battery charger with adapters (American/European), Active Stylus Pen, Hand strap


OPTIONAL - can be purchased separately 

  • Desktop Docking
  • Standard Battery
  • Cradle
  • Screen Protector








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