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The main feature of SH5A and the most eye-catching is its physical keyboard. 

SH5A is a handy and light Android device with a 5-inch screen and a 13Mpx camera. 



UT12P is a compact Android tablet, its efficiency and performances make it suitable for working in difficult conditions. 

It has been designed to be handy and pocket-sized. 



UT32 is a convenient Android tablet, it is thin but resistant, the best choice when visibility is the main key, but the size needs to be limited. It is built to be durable, reliable and to excel in numerous fields of application.



UT56 is a new Android device, it is the perfect balance between modern OS, visibility and durability. It is built for those who need a light and manageable device but also need a large display.




SRT10W is a light Windows Stonex tablet, thanks to its robustness and reliability, this device is suitable for working in demanding environments. It was born to withstand high impacts, scratches, extreme temperatures, wear and tear.