Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If the information is not exhaustive you can always contact us.

How long does the warranty last?

1 year for manufacting faults.

No inspection cost.

Customer only pays the delivery to us, Stonex pays the return.

We supply courtesy devices (partners only)

What happens if the device is no longer under warranty?

We will give you a repair quotation (FREE for partners).

Customer pays the delivery and return, in addition to repair (if quotation is agreed).

When the repair is too expensive, we provide a good offer for a new device (partners only).

Which operating system do you need?

The choice of the operating system is often dictated by needs of the application or applications related to the task for which the tablet is chosen. For our default devices we have chosen to focus on the most popular operating systems, Android and Windows.

For Windows we have some devices that having Windows 10 IoT Enterprise are well suited to both consumer and embedded use.

Contact us if you have different needs, we can evaluate to customize the devices, with other operating systems as Linux.

Do you need special sensors for you applications?

Our tablets are all equipped with standard sensors, which have regular performances, if you need special sensors or have particular performance needs for your application, contact us we can help you understand which device is best for you.

Do you need NFC?

Almost all tablets have this type of communication protocol. Most of them support at least proximity cards, ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693.

Do you need to read barcodes?

We have tablets that can be customized with barcode scanner modules.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, HDMI?

All our tablets have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

SRT10W has an HDMI port Type-D and UT50 has an HDMI port Type-A.

UT50 has an ethernet port.

Do you want the tablet to fit in your pocket or to be larger? Is weight an important feature?

Our range of products varies from 5 to 10.1 inches, some of them although having the same size have different weights. Contact us if you have special needs in this regard.

Do you use/need an accessory to support your tablet?

All our models are equipped with standard accessories. You can find the list of accessories available on the page of each product.
For any need, however, we recommend that you ask us directly.



Our SH5A has an ABC keyboard. Also all have Bluetooth, so you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard if needed

How strong must it be to withstand impacts?

Our tablets are rugged, they all have an IP rating of at least 67. And resist at 1.2m drop to marble.


At what temperatures will you work?

All our tablets can work in temperatures ranging from -20C° to 55C°