Here is a series of information to learn more about our products and what they can do for you:

How long does the warranty last?

1 year for manufacting faults.

No inspection cost.

Customer only pays the delivery to us, Stonex pays the return.

What happens if the device is no longer under warranty?

FREE repair quotation.

Customer pays the delivery and return in addition to repair.

Which operating system do you need?

Whether you need Android or Windows, we have a tablet for you.

UT10-UT30 have Android 8 on board.

There is a new model coming soon with Android 10 (expected arrival by the end of 2020).

UT20-UT50 have Windows 10 on board.

SRT10W works with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Do you need special sensors for you applications?

All our devices have:

  • GNSS board
  • Accelerometer
  • ambient light sensor

UT10-UT30-UT50-UT20 have also:

  • gyroscope
  • compass

Do you need NFC?

NFC is a tecnology available for UT10-UT30-UT50.

Is an optional for SRT10W and UT20.

Do you need RFID?

Just a model can be costumized with this tecnology: UT10.

Do you need to read barcodes?

We have three tablets that can be customized with barcode scannermodules: UT10-UT30-UT20.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, HDMI?

All our tablets have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

SRT10W has an HDMI port Type-D and UT50 has an HDMI port Type-A.

UT50 has an ethernet port.

Do you want the tablet to fit in your pocket or to be larger? Is weight an important feature?

Our smallest tablet is 6” (UT10), the largest is 10.1” (UT50 and SRT10W).

Among the 10.1” tablets, the lightest is the SRT10W with only 750g of weight.

Do you use/need an accessory to support your tablet?

SRT10W has an optional office dock

UT50 has an optional desktop docking/desktop charger and a vehicle bracket/docking station

UT10 has an optional charging base

UT20 has an optional Shoulder strap

Do you need an Hand support?

All our models have a Hand Strap or similar

SRT10W: optional Hand Strap

UT50: Hand Strap included (the only model that has digitizer pen also)

UT10: optional Hand Strap and optional Belt Hostler

UT20: optional Hand Strap and optional Shoulder Strap

UT30: included Hand Strap


Currently none of our tablets come with a keyboard. But all have Bluetooth, so you can connect a Bluetooth keybord if needed

How strong must it be to withstand impacts?

Our tablets are rugged, they all have an IP rating of at least 67. And resist at 1.2m drop to marble.

UT10-UT20-UT30-UT50 have MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F Certification.

At what temperatures will you work?

All our tablets can work in temperatures ranging from -20C° to 55C°